Common Privacy Violations Found in Apps

Privacy is the selective sharing of information, to the people or entities you choose, at the time and in the method you opt to use.

Digital privacy is not limited to data stored in the cloud or transmitted, but data stored or displayed on your device. As desktop browsers formerly indicated in their private browsing modes, software cannot protect against someone standing behind you, or someone with physical access to your device. Continue reading “Common Privacy Violations Found in Apps”

Dark Patterns: Greed Powered Designs

Ever feel tricked or even insulted by a website, or even a physical store? Have you been asked to share¬†a website on Facebook to hundreds of your closest and most trusted friends before you can even read the first paragraph of the article, do you feel the pressure to buy because the website says there’s a limited quantity, or feel guilty when dismissing a request to subscribe to a newsletter?

Then you are the victim of a dark pattern, created by immorally greedy corporations and unethical designers. Continue reading “Dark Patterns: Greed Powered Designs”